litlar skálar / small bowls

IMG_7042 copy    small bowls

DSC_5024 copy    aDSC_0141 copy

aDSC_5634 copy    aDSC_0145 copy

aDSC_0063 copy    aDSC_00067 copy


hvitaDSC_00041 copy    DSC_5050 copy






One thought on “litlar skálar / small bowls

  1. Oh, there they are! I found them! I think I love the white ones and the dark blue on the bottom here (it says “d” to the left of these two colors). Deena — I’ve also sent you an e-mail a moment ago. I didn’t want to post the comment to your site, but this is a personal message to you, Kristbjorg. With thanks,

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