Kristallaglerungur / Crystallized Glazes

“Eldrósir” kalla ég kristallaglerungana. Eldrósirnar vaxa í funa ofnsins eins og frostrósir á glugga í vetrarhörkum. Þær vaxa eins og lífverur og eru óútreiknanlegar. Þegar vel tekst til er fegurð þeirra draumkennd og heillandi, stundum eins og af öðrum heimi.

I call the crystallized glazes on my most recent works ‘fire roses’. This is a play on the Icelandic word ‘frostrósir’ (literally ‘frost roses’), used for the patterns of ice crystals that form on window panes in the cold of winter. Like frost roses in the cold, my fire roses grow in the heat in an entirely organic and unpredictable way. They can have an almost otherworldly beauty and are fascinating to look at.

Steinleir / Stoneware

Earthier works include thrown bowls of various shapes and sizes, many of which are decorated with old Icelandic magic runes. Those have been used by Icelanders through the ages with the purpose of furthering their own interests and harming their enemies.

I use wood and metals in many of my works in order to increase their utility and beauty, with an eye to striking the perfect balance between harmony and tension.

I hope that the pictures will speak for themselves and be self-explanatory.

Reykjavík, June 2008
Kristbjörg Guðmundsdóttir

Photographs by  Árni Kjartansson, Lilja Gunnarsdóttir, Magnús Reynir Jónsson, Ólafur Th Ólafsson

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