Kristbjörg Guðmundsdóttir  

leirlistarkona / ceramicist

Hvassaleiti 119

103 Reykjavík Iceland

Sími / tel. :  +354 553 7454  &  +354 860 8104

Netfang / email :


6 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hi We’ve just eaten at Dill and seen your amazing ceramics. Do you sell anywhere in central Rejyavik or online as I’d love to take some home to the UK.
    Catherine Webber

  2. interested in purchasing 4 champagne flutes. could you send over price and shipping cost to wilson, north carolina, usa? Or info on where in USA i can purchase? Thank you.

  3. I just received one of your beautiful bowls as a girl. Love it. Is it possible to have one of the large bowls shipped to the USA ? I would like a blue bowl or black bowl possibly with some metal. They are stunning

    • Hi Suzanne.
      Thank you for your nice words,
      sorry for the delay of my answer.
      You can buy the bowls direct from my studio. I can pack them and post them to you.
      I would have to add the transport cost and perhaps something for the special packing ( I would find out and let you know).
      What sizes were you thinking about?
      At the moment I have bowls
      24 cm diameter – 175 $
      39 cm diameter – 485 $
      and plates
      45 cm diameter – 530 $

      I also have lots of smaller bowls to lower prices.

  4. Good evening
    What’s the price of one of this blue bowls with approx 18 cm diameter? Can we buy it at your shop in Reykjavik?
    Many thanks and have a nice evening .

    • Hi Manuela.
      You are very welcome to visit my studio, just call me in advance to be sure I´m there. My mobile number is: 00354 860 8104.
      I´m afraid that at the moment I don´t have a many to choose between, but just come and have a look for yourself.
      The bowl with crystalline glaze, diameter 18 cm, costs 14.500,- Iskr.

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